‍The Global Leader in “Customer Data Science”

Dunnhumby, a global consulting and technology company serving grocery retailers, needed to establish itself as an independent brand after decades of changes in corporate ownership. It also wanted to focus on the US market – the biggest in the world of grocery – despite having a brand that was better recognized in the UK where the company originated and is headquartered today.

When the Lab began working with dunnhumby, they were positioned as leaders in “customer science,” helping grocery retailers grow by better understanding their customers.  In consultation with Dunnhumby's global leadership team, the Lab repositioned the company as the global leader in “customer data science,” a subtle but consequential tweak so that Dunnhumby could earn a place in stories that were percolating in boardrooms and in the media about the value of first-party customer data that retailers uniquely own.  

Soon after, the Lab’s positioning became the bedrock of an annual report about the best retailers in the grocery industry—dubbed the Dunnhumby Retailer Preference Index ('RPI')—which has become the company’s primary marketing engine, showcasing the power of “customer data science” and first-party customer data. A recent article in the trade press described the Dunnhumby US RPI as “the Oscars for retail grocery.”

Today, the Lab is Dunnhumby America’s agency of record, helping to drive sales and awareness throughout the Western Hemisphere while expanding into new and adjacent retail markets. In addition, the Lab has produced a range professional-grade videos, using compelling story formats to communicate the value of the company and its customers.


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